Thank You

Another photo from crowning. He was really happy when I won.

This is probably one of my last post because I will only be Miss Michigan Galaxy 2009 for 2 more weeks so I wanted to say a few thank yous. Dan, you’re the best pageant boyfriend ever. You have never complained about going to appearances and you have helped me get ready for all my appearances. So I wanted to show some of the photos from the appearances you went to with me.

Dan & I after I won. You have to love his crown shirt. You should have seen his poster.We didn't even try to match at the fireworks. I guess great minds think a like.We had lot of fun at the city fest.

 I also wanted to take a minute to thank my wonderful sponsors at either the state or international level. Carissa, from Spray Chic Tanning, you have an amazing personality and you’re amazing at you’re job. Dr. Alan Grodin from Flossin in Clawson, after you zoom whitened my teeth I felt like a movie star. You’re a wonderful dentist with an outgoing personality. Everything But Water in Somerset, thank you for allowing me to wear a swimsuit for internationals. Ms. Cole, thank you for helping me find the perfect dress and doing my alterations.  I was able to feel really confident thanks to you. I appreciate everyone for believing in me. You all helped me shine on stage. Thanks

Dr. Alan Grodin from Flawson in Clawson after my Zoom Whitening



I had a great time judging the Great Lakes Regional US Beauties pageant. There were alot of great girls there and I know the great lake region at nationals. I was also really excited to see Monica and Stephanie making an appearance.

Winter Blast was a blast. Even though it was freezing, I had a great time because half the events were in a heated time. Half way through the appearance my camera died but I was able to sit on Ice Sculptures.

The faboulous contestants and judges

Galaxy Girls – Present & Past

Wow, talk about fun.  All these appearance were a blast. Expecially the Bay City River Roar because I was able to be there with my whole galaxy family. I love seeing the boats speed past us and working in the kids zone.

If you have never been to City Fest in Detroit, you have to go. It’ similar to the taste fest in Chicago. Tons of good food and great entertainment. 

We had a blast watching the boats race

I was one of over 200,000 people that participated in famous Annual Arts Beats & Eats. It’s one of those events that you have to go to. I meet alot of intereting new people and I signed probably 100 autographs. There is so many things going on at one time, in such a huge area. Thankful my boyfriend was there being my bodyguard. Also I made sure that I scheduled the appearance around watching one of my favorite R&B Singer Angie Stone.

They had alot of fun background we got to take a pictures in front of

Hard Working City Fest Volunteers and myself
The girls and I

Helping at the Art Beats & Eats Breast Cancer table

I love fireworks!

This women was so cute! I was walking by and she stopped my on the loud speaker and told me that her grandmother and her love pageants and that we had to take a photo. So I told her I needed one with my camera too.

This past summer I went to a ton of appearances at Festivals, Fairs, Fireworks, and Pageants. I want to share with you these experiences.  Summer is my favorite time of the year because I love going to different fairs our great state and I love winning prizes. You should see my apartment, it’s full of all the things I won this past summer. The Benefit of being Miss Michigan Galaxy is that win you play a game a ton of times and you still don’t win, they’ll give you stuff anyway, which I thought was sweet. The first set of photos are from Fourth of July Parades in Ann Arbor and Canton and nightime fireworks in Canton. They did an amazing job.

Thankfully the game was easy because I really love anything with Diva on itThis women was so cute! I was walking by and she stopped my on the loud speaker and told me that her grandmother and her love pageants and that we had to take a photo. So I told her I needed one with my camera too. I love fireworks!It's always nice to support the men that have fought for our country

It's always nice to support the men that have fought for our country


On November 13th 2009, my brother and I went to MGM Grand Casino in Detroit, Michigan to audition for Day of our Lives Soap Opera. They were also collecting donations for the holiday so we brought stuff for that as well. The line wasn’t that bad. We were only there a few hours. The whole time in line I had completly memorized my lines inside and out. I even got special help from my future co-stars that are already on the show. When I got to my audition with one of the casting agents, she wouldn’t allow me to do it the way I practiced so it threw me off. Even though I wasn’t picked, it was an amazing learning experience. They loved my brother. He’s very charming and that’s exactly what they were looking for. Unfortunately, they end up going a different route but I think one day my brother and I will have our own reality tv show. We are a great team.

Doesn't she look like a pageant girl?

On Dec 4, 2009, which seemed like the coldest day of the winter, I stood out side in the freezing cold for two hours outside of Bushes in Ann Arbor to raise money for food gatherers. 107one was there the whole time as well and they were broadcasting the Rockin for the Hungry event. All the volunteers were great and they repeatedly told me that they made the most money and the most donations while I was there. At that point it didn’t even matter that my hands were numb, all I could think of was how happy the people getting the donations will be. I was surprised at how many people go hungry everyday in Washtenaw county and throughout our state. I hope  I will be able to work with the organization again on more projects. If you see a food gathers organization near you please donate your time or money to help the cause.

Modeling Updates…

I forgot to let you guys know, I have been working on some really cool projects. I recently did a photo shoot for a stores online catalog. The store is Puffer Reds and it’s in Ypsilanti, MI. They have a wide variety of clothes. I thought I would share some of the photos. Last week, my agency called and I did a hand modeling job for the 2010 Census. So if you see hand that look like mine in an ad, they probably are.  So I look forward to do more modeling work. Also I was invited to theSupermodels Unlimited post grammy party in LA. I was so honored and so excited to be invited. I really wanted to go but I have to stay here and coach to make sure my girls are prepared for there upcoming pageants. I hope that in 2010 I will be able to do more work with the Supermodels Unlimited Magazine. You never know where you may see me next. Hopefully on a billboard. I can’t wait to get my new comp cards done.